Behind the Scenes in Stories and Pictures

The First Ten Years of the NightMoves Award Show 1993-2002

Author: Dirty Bob


For those of you who have been to the NightMoves Awards shows over the years and wondered about how it all came to be, wonder no more. For those who have never been to our show, this is the definitive book, in almost every detail of how we got it started, how it grew, the stars who have come each year and a lot of the things that took place each year as the NightMoves awards show continued to grow, not only in Tampa Bay but within the industry. While it is only the first 10 years, and we have just celebrated our 21st this past October, you could honestly say those first ten years were the building blocks for what we present now. Dirty Bob has chronicled those first ten years in absolute detailed form, letting you in on a lot of the behind the scenes happenings that took place that fans were never aware of. Now they can, as the late Paul Harvey used to say, “Get the rest of the story.”

His recall of incidents, the stars, things they said and did and the venues we appeared at is impeccable. DB either has a photographic memory or used up a lot of video and notepads to put this all together. More than likely it was a combination of both along with some help from Paul and Tracy Allen and myself. Even though I have been  part of this since the very beginning, I was amazed at some of the things that had taken place which I had forgotten about over the years because so much was always going on each year. Thanks to this all inclusive book, DB brings it all back bigger than life along with a lot of smiles and nods of the head. It doesn’t matter if you live in Tampa or Topeka, this is truly a fan’s book that makes for a fun and very enjoyable read.

Then add all of the pictures that are included in this book and it is like reading about and looking at a “who’s who” of the porn world. Some of the photos are classics, ones of a kind and really show what a great time was had by everyone at each year’s show. DB has also included a number of “then and now” photos of some of the stars and how they have changed over the years and most of them look as good now as they did back then. The one thing I really got a kick out of in seeing in all those pictures was the evolution of the then somewhat slender Ron Jeremy and how he just seemed to “grow” each and every year! We have been honored to have Ron Jeremy as our emcee and/or co host for every single one of our twenty one awards shows. That definitely has to be some kind of record in the industry.

If you want a real inside take of our awards show, what took place, it’s growth and all of the stars that came to Tampa during the first ten years, then this is THE book to have. If you are fan of porn, and who isn’t, then this is also THE book to have and enjoy. The writing and telling of stories and incidents is spot on. It is detailed with nothing left out. The photos that accompany the text are absolutely terrific and most are titled so you know who is who in the photos. It is a complete, well done and exceptional book about a show, that when it began in 1993, many felt would not last past the first year. In 2014 we will present our 22nd Annual NightMoves Adult Awards Show, which has now become the third longest running awards show in the industry, something we are all very proud of.

I highly recommend this book for everyone. It is 264 pages with over 400 candid photos. You can get the book through Amazon for just $9.95. When you order it, order it under the title Tampa Teasers & Other Imports. It will also make a great belated Christmas gift. It is a good, fun and entertaining read about the history of our first ten years.

DB, you done good son, we thank you!!