Alan Beck may be the biggest asshole I have ever read about. This guy is a real douche bag! Mr. Beck coaches a Little League team in California and is suing one of his players! Yup, this jackass is suing a 14-year old kid because the child threw his helmet into the sky after scoring the winning run in a game. The helmet bounced on the ground and hit the coach in the leg, tearing his Achilles tendon. Now, I’m truly sorry Mr. Beck was injured but to sue a kid for being happy? It was an accident! Nothing was done intentionally and Beck should be ashamed of himself.

The kid’s father, Joe Paris at first thought it was a joke but now has over $4,000 in legal bills and was forced to hire an attorney. Under California law, children are liable for their activities. The piece-of-crap, poor-excuse-of-a-coach, Beck is seeking $500,000 for pain and suffering along with $100,000 lost wages and medical bills. Hey, scumbag … if you feel you have to sue the kids you coach you need to get your ass off the field and NEVER think about coaching ANYTHING ever again!

I’ve been a coach to my kids and grandkids all my life. I would NEVER even think about suing one of my players. Maybe if the kid was a mean, hating, spiteful person who went out of his/her way to hurt other players and or coaches I would feel a little different but … reading about this incident and seeing it was 100% accidental and done in a celebratory fashion I just can’t comprehend Mr. Beck’s law suit. Of course this is my opinion but if I was a judge, this lawsuit would get tossed out of my courtroom within minutes! Good luck to Mr. Paris and boo to Beck!